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Users' Feedback

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Users' Feedback for Dual-Kinect System

Brilliant work guys.
We just tested our setup with two Kinects at 90 degrees.
As imagined, most of the occlusion issues are solved.
I'm seeing that dKS tracking is just slightly slower
than with single Kinect tracking, but the time difference is negligible.
With a single Kinect, I was getting about 0.67 sec per frame;
with dKS I'm seeing about 0.7 sec per frame.
I think that's very good for my graphics card.
(My graphics card is a Nvidia GTX 460,
which these days is probably considered a mid-range card.)

At a glance, the dKS tracking results appears to be more stable
than with a single Kinect.
Okay, I have several tracked dKS motions now and
I just finished applying iPi Studio's Configurable Jitter Removal
to a few clips. I have to say, this mocap looks incredibly solid!
The results are far superior to the data
I was getting using a single Kinect.
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