Cameras • Re: Top Camera settings. Wich?

Higher resolution does not provide any benefit for our system, but may increase processing time. What's good about action cameras is they provide higher FPS which allows to capture fast motions more accurately. Also they obviously do not require any PC for recording. However, getting their records ready for processing is not as straightforward as with web cameras connected to PCs. Because individual records must be converted and synchronized into a single multi-camera video.

Our tracking algorithm does a good job preventing feet slide and similar effects with any cameras. Just enable foot tracking and ground collision options when tracking.

FYI using 16 cameras makes sense only for tracking of multiple actors. If you only plan to capture single actor, 6-8 cameras should be sufficient. Less cameras = less processing time.

Check out comparison table for various camera configurations which can be used with our system. Maybe it'll help you to make a decision.

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Cameras • Top Camera settings. Wich?
I'm planning to buy a good mocap system.
Just think about Ipisoft with 16 Go Pro Cameras because it has 4K resolution.

Would this avoid feet jumping?
Is this the top configuration to work with ipisoft? Is there another best setting?

I wanna get the best result to prevent working over the mocap.

Silvio Toledo

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General • Re: Do I need to have the records downloaded from slaves?
I agree that wireless transmission can be too slow for merging multi-device data while in the middle of a recording session. It can be a useful feature if that's your only option but you do have two better options:

1. Cancel the download and merge later. This allows you to continue recording new motions without waiting. You can merge your data after your done with all recording and when the computers are wired, or you can use wireless merging then if you wish.

2. Use Ethernet cables to connect the computers. This is the best option as it can merge your data in a few seconds for most typical motion captures or a few short minutes for long recordings.

Note to the devs: I don't use wireless recording but I'm wondering if automatic merging should be optional for users who do. I can see how the constant 'interruption' might get frustrating when you just want to move on to the next recording. Just a thought.

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General • Re: Do I need to have the records downloaded from slaves?
I support you've already asked the same a while ago and got an answer

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General • Do I need to have the records downloaded from slaves?
Just got my second Kinect yesterday and in starting to use it I made the test calibration recording and now it's taking a LONG time to download the records from the slave (wirelessly -- I could wire it up I suppose to speed up the process if necessary).

There is a "Close" button at the bottom but after waiting 8 minutes I'm afraid to do it. Do I really need to download these records? I don't need to see the ones from the main so I'm not sure why I'd need these.

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Feature Requests • Re: Option to reactive head/neck-rotation distribution

Thanks Pavel, Now that we can see it was a head OFF vs. head ON tracking issue that was affecting the head Move data application, and not the head/neck rotation distribution, we can adjust accordingly until the next update is released.

Hopefully it can be updated to work the same when using head ON tracking, but if not, we can revert to using head OFF tracking, as long as we can also use shoulders by video and very flex spine options without issue while tracking, we get the best results for our purposes this way, and so far in the last version we tried it was working fine that way with head tracking OFF, though it would be nice to be able to use head ON tracking as an option without issue as well.


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Feature Requests • Re: Option to reactive head/neck-rotation distribution
Ok, thanks everybody for your feedback.
We'll add such option to the next version in a month or so.
Meanwhile the only workaround is to use the version that works best for you.

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Feature Requests • Re: Option to reactive head/neck-rotation distribution

Thanks for the video, we are using a 6-PS Eyes set up, and we have no way to compare the 2 tracking systems.

We can tell that there is a big difference between the Kinects and the PS Eyes tracking from that video and we can see the results after applying the head data is much different too.

We reverted back to 4.226 and ran tests with the head tracking off (shown in named image below), We had to apply the head data, or there would be no head turn at all.

Then ran tracking with the head on (shown in named image below), We didn't apply the head data from the Move (as named on the image).

Then we did apply the head Move data (named on image), and it can be seen that with head tracking on, which we always use by preference, the head Move data causes the neck to snap back up straight and destroying the neck rotations to follow the natural motion on the video.

So from this test we can see there is a difference in the performance after the head Move data is applied when video is tracked with head on and we were unaware of this difference and we believe iPi was also, and hope it can be remedied to work with head tracking on, or off, to not affect the neck in this manner, but the neck to perform with distribution like it does in 4.226.

You are correct that the distributed head and neck rotations look better, so the issue was coming from tracking with the head tracking ON, and then the head Move data applied resetting the neck to have no rotations at all afterwards.

We reverted back to several older versions and this effect was occurring even in those versions when tracking was done with the head on.

We hope the next update will work better for all users and with all tracking setting options chosen.

Limit is 3 files, so we tried to show the scenario with head off tracking result and with head on tracking result after the Move data was applied.

You can clearly see the differences to the video in each image captured on the same frame in each.


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Feature Requests • Re: Option to reactive head/neck-rotation distribution
Hi, thanks for your replies.

I made a little comparison-video with the different versions:

I use two kinnect 2.0-Sensors (in opposite corners) and PS Move for the motion controls. The used versions and tracking-methods are mentioned in the video.

Sure, the difference is not too big between the new and old version, but in my opinion it is still really noticable (For example: 0:02, when the model moves his head to the bottom right). Esspecially when you try to make realistic looking animation imo it is a disadvantage, if the neck bone does not receive any tracking-data at all. Except if you use head-tracking, which never provides acceptable results for me, which is why I turn it off in most cases.

I hope this a help to you. Your software is really great besides this little change and I am a thankful customer for already two years. :-)

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Feature Requests • Re: Option to reactive head/neck-rotation distribution

We think we have deduced the issue and reported it to iPi and they are working on it to hopefully make it work more beneficial for all users, to be released in the next update.


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General • RTX 2080 Ti speed

Only through confirmation of another iPi user that recently purchased the GPU, the RTX 2080 Ti single GPU tracking speed using Low Res tracking speed and all Actor options maxed, the fps speed is performing at 7.5 fps and 16 fps with head tracking turned off on a 6-PS Eyes set up.

It would probably hit near, or at 30 fps for use with a dual Kinect v2 set up based on this information, but I don't know that the tracking of the depth cloud would keep up with that speed and not loose connection, would maybe have to use High Res tracking speed, so would drop off from max speed tracking ability, but still fast.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone using this GPU for tracking a dual Kinect v2 set up recording though.

Pretty impressive performance for 6-PS Eyes tracking and may get a little better as they improve the drivers.


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Feature Requests • Re: Option to reactive head/neck-rotation distribution

There wasn't much of a change to the head/neck after the head Move data is applied from the last version, can you post a snapshot of the issue you are referring to, to show the result change better?

What tracking settings are being used and which system is being used, Kinect, or PS Eyes?


Statistics: Posted by Snapz — Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:13 pm

Feature Requests • Re: Option to reactive head/neck-rotation distribution
Hello, thank you for your feedback.
A couple of questions to clarify.
Do you mean that animation looks more natural after motion transfer when motion data is applied to both head and neck?
Or do you think that iPi built-in model pose looks better aligned with video in this case?
Which model are you transferring motions to?

Statistics: Posted by pas — Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:34 pm

Feature Requests • Option to reactive head/neck-rotation distribution
With your latest update you turned off the head/neck-rotation-distribution, when motion controller data is applied to the head.

U N D E R T H E H O O D:
§ Based on users feedback, we turned off rotation distribution between head and neck joints when data from motion controller is applied to head. (This distribution was introduced in version

In my opinion the mocap-results without head/neck rotation distribution are looking far less realistic than before. Actually the difference seems to be so big to me, that I switched to the old version again.
Is it possible to add a little option to reactive or turn on/off the head/neck-rotation, when adding motion controller data to the head? So people could decide, which distribution-method they would prefer.

Thank you for considering.

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General • Re: Setting up ps3 mover

Yeah, Grease Pencil is definitely something I want to check out when I have time, especially since I'm often working in 2D cartoons now. Plus, I'm way overdue for learning even the basics of Blender. :P

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News and Announcements • iPi Mocap Studio updated to 4.1.0

  • support for multiple depth sensors in Real-time Tracking.

For details see Release notes.

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News and Announcements • iPi Recorder updated to 4.1.0

  • support of new version of PS Move motion controllers,
  • live data streaming from multiple depth sensors (can be combined with Distributed Recording),
  • flash-based auto synchronization of videos, recorded by stand-alone cameras (like action cameras).

For details see Release notes.

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Issues • Re: Hand poses do not stay constant
Woo That works Thanks for posting :)

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Issues • Re: Cameras don't show on home view
Have you got any camera besides Kinect (presumably a web camera)? If so, try disabling it in Device Manager - will that help?

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General • Re: Setting up ps3 mover

Sounds like you have it worked out and got a pretty good machine out of the deal.

If you are interested in the Blender Grease Pencil, you should check out the 2.80 Beta release from, they made another change to it that may benefit your work.

Video Review demo from a 2D artist:

Hope to see some of those triple Kv2 demos soon now :)

Good Luck!


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