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Editions Comparison

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Handy comparison tables can be found on our web site.
This article only provides with answers on the most common questions regarding editions and their difference.

Q: Which configuration do you recommend: Dual depth sensors or Multiple Sony PS Eye?

A: There is no straighforward answer to this question, there are pros and cons each option: Dual Depth Sensors vs Sony PS Eye Comparison

Q: What is the difference between Express Edition and other editions?

A: Express Edition:

  • supports only 1 depth sensor
  • capture volume will be 7 by 7 feet (approx. 2 by 2 meters)
  • you will not be able to track complex motions that include rotations because of self occlusion.
  • but you will not need multi-camera system calibration, that makes Express Edition much easier in operation compared to other editions (that are multi-camera)

Basic and Standard Editions:

  • support of 1 depth sensor is included in Basic and Standard Editions as well
  • support of 2 depth sensors will allow you to capture more complex motions than with 1 depth sensor, including rotations
  • Sony PS Eye cameras-based set-up is the most powerful option: it will allow you to capture very complex motions in much bigger capture volume — 20 by 20 feet (approx. 7 by 7 meters)

Q: Why should I pay for Express Edition when there are many cheaper solutions supporting 1 Kinect?

A: iPi Motion Capture uses our own markerless tracking algorithms that give much better tracking quality than standard Kinect algorithms. You will not have that awful jitter that makes motions look ridiculously unrealistic.

Q: What is the difference between Basic Edition and Standard Edition?

A: Standard and Basic both support dual depth sensor configuration, and other basic motion capture features. They differ by features:

Q: What is the minimum space required for capture?

A: For 1 or 2 depth sensors you will need 9 by 5 feet (2.7 by 1.5 meters). For webcameras-based multi-camera system you will need 13 by 13 feet (4 by 4 meters)

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