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Dual Depth Sensors vs Sony PS Eye Comparison

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There is no straightforward answer to the questions which is better — Dual Depth Sensor or Sony PS Eye Cameras configuration. The accuracy of tracking is almost the same. Pros and cons summary:

Cameras Pros Cons
Dual Depth Sensors
  • Easier to set-up and calibrate
  • Require less space due to wider angle of view, minimum required space is 9 x 5 feet ( = 2.7 x 1.5 meters)
  • No requirements to clothes color
  • Capture area is limited with 7 x 7 feet ( = 2 x 2 meters)
  • Framerate is only 30 fps (more tracking errors on fast motions)
  • More problems with occlusion (especially for complex motions including rotations)
  • Cannot be used outdoors
Sony PS Eye (3 to 8 cameras)
  • More accurate tracking for head and feet
  • MUCH bigger capture area, up to 20 by 20 feet ( = 7 by 7 meters)
  • 60 fps framerate allow to track very fast motions
  • Less problems with occlusion (especially for 6 — 8 cameras)
  • Allows outdoor capture (not in sunny weather though)
  • Set-up and calibration takes more time
  • More issues with USB controllers (you need 3 USB controllers for 6 cameras, and 4 USB controllers for 8 cameras)
  • You need more space, minimum required space is 13 x 13 feet ( = 4 x 4 meters)
  • Higher requirements for HDD speed

If you choose to go with depth sensors, see also the comparison of different models.

General Recommendations

  • Dual Depth Sensor configuration is very practical, it is easier to use and able to track many kinds of motions. We can recommend it if:
    • Your room is not very big (less than 20 x 20 feet = 6 x 6 meters)
    • You do not need to track fast complex motions like energetic dancing, acrobatics, etc.
    • You do not need to track 2 actors

  • Sony PS Eye cameras is the most powerful option, but you have to invest more time in learning. We can recommend it if:
    • 7 x 7 feet ( = 2 x 2 meters) capture area is not enough for your motions, and your room is bigger than 20 x 20 feet ( = 6 x 6 meters)
    • You plan to track fast complex motions like energetic dancing, acrobatics, etc.
    • You plan to track 2 actors
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