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This documentation corresponds to version 2 of iPi Motion Capture. The latest documentation for version 3 can be found at

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iPi Motion Capture consists of two products:
free software for making records
paid software for processing records
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f e a t u r e d    a r t i c l e s :
Triple Depth Sensor Configuration
Batch Processing
Multiple GPUs

Possible Configurations:

Single Depth Sensor Configuration


iPi Soft uses its own tracking algorithms that give much better accuracy than other Kinect/Xtion/Carmine-based mocaps available in the market. This configuration is very easy to use, as it does not require calibration. For those who haven't had experience with mocap systems before, it is a good option to start from.

Editions: Express, Basic, Standard (?)

Dual Depth Sensor Configuration

Kinect-small.png   Kinect-small.png

Dual-Kinect/Xtion/Carmine configuration combines ease of use and flexibility of a single Kinect/Xtion/Carmine with power of multi-camera system. With two Microsoft Kinects, or ASUS Xtions, or PrimeSense Carmines animators can accurately capture complex motions including 360-degrees turns.

Editions: Basic, Standard (?)

Multiple PS Eye Cameras Configuration

PSEye-small.png  PSEye-small.png  PSEye-small.png

Sony PS Eye cameras are recommended as they give very good quality of video at up to 60 fps. Other cameras like webcams or DirectShow-compatible USB or FireWire cameras may be used but are not recommended. The configuration with 3 to 8 Sony PS Eye cameras is the most powerful option. It allows you to track very complex motions in a big capture area (up to 20 by 20 feet or 7 by 7 meters).

Editions: Basic (up to 4 cams), Standard (up to 8 cams) (?)

Integrated Clean-Up and Motion Transfer


iPi Mocap Studio includes integrated animation clean-up and motion transfer. So you do not necessarily need expensive third-party software like Motion Builder. These tools are included in all editions.

Advanced Features:

Multiple Actors

Multiple actors pic.png
User Guide
Editions: Standard

Motion Controllers

Motion controllers pic.png
Editions: All


Keyframing pic.png
User Guide
Editions: All

Multiple GPUs

Multiple gpus pic.png
Editions: Standard

Batch Processing

Batch pic.png
Editions: Standard

Audio Recording

Audio recording pic.png
Editions: All

iPi Biomech Add-on


iPi Studio now includes functionality for in-depth biomechanical analysis of human motions. (Note that Add-on is not a free update and requires separate license key. 30-days free trial is available.)

  • Includes visualization of tracked motion data
  • Includes export of motion data to Excel and MATLAB, as well as export of point clouds

Editions: All

Printable Documentation
User Guide for Single Depth Sensor Configuration (printable version)
User Guide for Dual Depth Sensor Configuration (printable version)
User Guide for Multiple PlayStation Eye Cameras Configuration (printable version)

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