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Huge Files Sharing Using uTorrent

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Most of file sharing services like Dropbox have maximum file size limit. Event when this limit is 1GB it's often not enough for iPiVideo files which can be several gigabytes in size. In this case it's convenient to use µTorrent — free tiny BitTorrent client.

How to "send"

  • Run µTorrent and choose File > Create New Torrent... menu item or simply press Ctrl+N.


  • In the Create New Torrent dialog perform the following actions:
  1. Choose what to share:
    • To share single file click Add file button and then select desired file in the Select a file dialog.
    • Or you can share the whole directory. To do this click Add directory button and then select desired directory (aka folder) in the Select a folder dialog.
  2. Clear Trackers field for security reason.
  3. Leave all other options in their default state (see screenshot below).
  4. Click Create and save as... button.
  5. Choose file name for your torrent file in the Select where to save .torrent dialog.
  6. Click Yes as answer to the question
    Please enter a valid tracker URL. Do you want to continue without having any trackers?
  7. Wait while µTorrent scans your files to be shared. It can take up to a few minutes depends on file(s) size(s) and disk speed.
  8. Click Close button when done.


  • Right click on the torrent just created and choose Copy Magnet URI menu item.


  • Now in your clipboard is URI which should be sent to your recipient by e-mail or Skype chat. To paste this URI to e-mail or chat text simply press Ctrl+V. This URI looks like the following:
  • Please don't turn off computer or close µTorrent application until your recipient notifies you about finishing of downloading.
  • Note that you can restrict upload speed with the aid of Bandwidth Allocation > Upload Limit context menu item.
  • After successful download by your recipient you can delete this torrent in µTorrent application.

How to "receive"

  • As soon as you obtain magnet URI from sender (see above), run µTorrent and select File > Add Torrent from URL... menu item or simply press Ctrl+U.


  • Paste received magnet URI to the Add Torrent from URL dialog box and click OK button.


  • Add New Torrent dialog should appear. Select folder for saving the torrent files. You can leave all options in their default values and click OK button.
  • Downloading of torrent content should start. You will be informed about finishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it secure?

A: Yes, it's almost secure. Torrent can be downloaded only by person who has a full link which is complex and random enough to be guessed.

Q: Is it legal?

A: Yes, if you use BitTorrent technology to exchange non-pirate content.

Q: Is it fast?

A: It depends on your internet provider upload speed and download speed on the recipient's side. But it's definitely faster than first uploading to file sharing hosting and then downloading from there.

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