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Motion in Joy Installation

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For some reason under Windows 8 standard pairing procedure with PS Move controllers doesn't work. To resolve this issue starting from version iPi Recorder supports Motion in Joy solution as a workaround.

Downloading and Installing Motion in Joy

Download the latest version of Motion in Joy setup package from the following page:

Currently (Jan 22, 2013) the latest version is 0.7.1001 which can be downloaded from the following direct link:

Run installation application from the downloaded ZIP-package:


and allow User Account Control (UAC) to make changes on your computer by MotioninJoy Dualshock 3 driver Setup program. As a result setup wizard should start:


Follow on-screen instruction and change installation parameters if needed:

Mij-installation-2.png Mij-installation-3.png
Mij-installation-4.png Mij-installation-5.png

As soon as installation is completed you'll be prompted to run DS3_tool (also known as MotioninJoy Gamepad tool). Please allow installer to do that:


Motion in Joy Drivers Installation

Home screen of MotioninJoy Gamepad tool (also known as DS3_tool):

Note that for correct operation of this tool working Internet connection is required.

Click Driver Manager item on the top of tool screen. As a result the following screen should appear:


In the table you should see the only line corresponding to your bluetooth adapter.

Note that if your computer is equipped with more than one bluetooth adapters it's desirable to switch off or unplug all but one.

Connect your PS Move controller to the computer using USB cord. As a result the second line should appear in the table:


This line corresponds to PS Move controller connected through USB.

Mark both lines with the aid of checkboxes on the left and click Load driver button:


During drivers installation you'll be prompted by Windows Security. Please, allow drivers to be installed:


After successful drivers installation you should see the following screen:


Click Home button in the top-left corner to return to the home screen:



Now you're ready to pair your PS Move device with your computer. To do that click BluetoothPair item:


Make sure that your PS Move device is plugged to the USB of your computer. You should see it in the list DUAL SHOCK 3:


Click Pair Now. As a result fields Adapter MAC and Have Paired to should have one and the same value (note that exact value in your case will be different):


Unplug PS Move device from the computer and press PS button on it. Red LED should constantly glow. This means that pairing has succeeded.

Repeat this sequence for each PS Move which you have.

Detection in iPi Recorder

Run iPi Recorder (version or higher is required ). All paired and switched on PS Move devices should be visible and have MotioninJoy logo near device picture:


Further instructions can be found in Getting started with motion controllers article.

Multiple Bluetooth Adapters

To connect more than 4 PS Move controllers, multiple Bluetooth adapters can be used. Each 4 (or less) PS Moves should be paired to a separate adapter.

To do this:

  • Run DS3 tool
  • Plug in one Bluetooth adapter
  • Install MotioninJoy drivers for it if necessary
  • Pair some PS Moves to this Bluetooth adapter
  • Unplug the Bluetooth adapter
  • Repeat for the next Bluetooth adapter and another portion of PS Moves
  • Plug in all Bluetooth adapters to use. Ensure they all have MotioninJoy drivers installed. This may not be the case if you plugged some of them into different USB ports than when pairing.
  • Exit DS3 tool
  • Turn all PS Moves on. Ensure they all successfully connect to corresponding Bluetooth adapters - red LED glows constantly.
  • Run iPi Recorder. All PS Moves should be listed in Device List.


N O T E   1:

To power off PS Move device, hold down the PS button for a long time (about 10 seconds).

N O T E   2:

MotioninJoy replaces bluetooth adapter's drivers by special ones to be able to operate with different game controllers including PS Move. As a result you'll be unable to use the same bluetooth adapter to communicate with ordinal bluetooth devices like wireless mouses, keyboards, headsets, etc. To overcome this drawback you can choose one of the following ways:

  1. Use the second bluetooth adapter to communicate with ordinal bluetooth devices.
  2. Uninstall MotioninJoy drivers each time after usage. To do that:
    • run MotioninJoy Gamepad tool (also known as DS3_tool)
    • click Driver Manager
    • select the only line with the aid of checkbox
    • click Roll back

N O T E   3:

Some Bluetooth adapters are not compatible with MotioninJoy drivers. You can find the lists of some compatible/incompatible adapters in their wiki.

N O T E   4:

Drivers from MotioninJoy are not stable enough. Thus in rare cases you can account some issues including Blue Screen Error.

N O T E   5:

If you use MotioninJoy and like it please donate.

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