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Quick Start Guide for ASUS Xtion sensor

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For information about purchasing ASUS Xtion devices please visit ASUS web site.
ASUS Xtion
ASUS Xtion Live

Starting from version, iPi Recorder supports ASUS Xtion and ASUS Xtion Live devices (and also PRO modifications for developers). They are similar to Microsoft Kinect sensor and can be used in the same way. But there are certain differences that you can take into account: ASUS Xtion vs MS Kinect Comparison

In order to use ASUS Xtion with iPi Recorder, the PrimeSense package for OpenNI should be installed. It can be downloaded from OpenNI web site. On that page, select Open NI Packages, Stable, PrimeSense Package Stable Build for Windows x86 (32-bit) v20.4.2.20 Redist Edition and click the Download button. Once downloaded, run installer and follow the instructions.
Note: You should select 32-bit version of package even if your operating system is 64-bit. That is because iPi Recorder software runs in 32-bit mode only.
Note: ASUS Xtion device comes with CD that already contains some old version of PrimeSense package for OpenNI. This version is not compatible with iPi Recorder, so it is necessary to download and install new version from OpenNI web site. If you have already installed software bundled with device it may be required to uninstall it before installing the new version.

After installing PrimeSense package, plug Xtion(s) to computer and ensure all of them are visible to the system and work properly (no warning sign). If you use more than one device then, as with Kinect sensors, each one of them should be connected to separate USB controller.

Both Xtions are plugged correctly
Both Xtions are plugged through the same USB controller
Note: It is noticed that ASUS Xtion devices do not work properly with some USB controllers. For now, we recommend to use USB 2.0/3.0 controllers on VIA chipsets to connect additional devices.
Note: ASUS Xtion and ASUS Xtion Live devices can be mixed in the same configuration but RGB video will be recorded only for Live model.

When opening videos recorded with Xtion sensors in iPi Studio, one should select corresponding Kinect layout (with or without RGB).

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