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Quick Start Guide for Multiple PlayStation Eye Cameras Configuration

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For the impatient:

  • Get the cameras (a minimum of 3 PlayStation Eye cameras recommended), cables, tripods, computer and a flashlight (Mini Maglite recommended).
  • Download iPi Recorder and iPi Mocap Studio
  • Install iPi Recorder and iPi Mocap Studio
  • Find a suitable space (13 feet by 13 feet minimum, preferably with light walls and bright lighting).
  • Actor should be dressed in solid-color clothing. Recommended clothing: long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans or trousers, black shoes. Deep, saturated colors are preferable.
  • Point cameras at the actor, connect the cables and use iPi Recorder to record synchronized multi-camera video.
  • Switch iPi Recorder to "Calibration mode" and wave the flashlight (with its reflector removed) in view of cameras to record calibration video. Don’t move the flashlight too quickly. Switch off "Calibration mode".
  • Record a video of actor’s performance. Start from a T-pose. Then goes actor’s performance.
  • Refer to video tutorials for instructions on how to process calibration video and actor performance video.
  • Import your character into iPi Mocap Studio (File > Import Target Character) to adapt the animation for your character rig. Export your animation in a desired format.

For more details see User Guide for Multiple PlayStation Eye Cameras Configuration.

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