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Sample video and project (single depth sensor)

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Performance Sequence

Here you can download sample video file captured with the aid of depth sensor (MS Kinect) and appropriate iPiMocap project which is result of processing in iPi Mocap Studio:

Download video file
40 MByte
 Video-256.png         Proj-256.png Download project file
2 MByte

How to use:

  • Download and install iPi Mocap Studio.
  • Download both above files and put them all in one and the same folder on your hard drive.
  • Run iPi Mocap Studio, click Open button or press Ctrl+O and select silly_kungfu.iPiMocap file downloaded on the previous step.
  • Now you can "play" with resulting animation in iPi Mocap Studio, import your target character and export resulting animation based on the following instructions.
  • If you want to try to process source video file by yourself then:
    • click New button or press Ctrl+N;
    • select silly_kungfu.iPiVideo file downloaded before;
    • set the following actor parameters:
      • Gender = Male
      • Height = 1.94 m
    • then follow instructions to process video.

Exported Animation

You can export animation from sample project using free trial version of iPi Mocap Studio: see Animation export and motion transfer article. If you don't want to install and run iPi Mocap Studio, you can find below sample animation files exported in different format from sample project:


iPi Skeleton
for 3D MAX Biped
for Motion Builder
for iClone
for Endorphin

iPi Skeleton
for Motion Builder
for Endorphin


iPi Skeleton


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