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This documentation corresponds to version 2 of iPi Motion Capture. The latest documentation for version 3 can be found at

Software installation (Express edition)

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iPi Recorder

Before installation:

  • unplug MS Kinect Sensor or Sony PS Eye cameras from computer

iPi Recorder is a tool for recording video from web cameras and depth sensors. Download the setup package of iPi Recorder latest version: Run it. In the following dialog window make sure that

  • item “PrimeSensor Driver (psdrv3) Registration for MS Kinect Sensor” is selected if you plan to work with Kinect
  • item “WinUSB Driver Registration for PS3 Eye Camera” is selected if you plan to work with Sony PS Eye cameras

Note that if you do not plan to use Sony PlayStation Eye cameras or Kinect then you can deselect the appropriate item in the list.

Also note that the latest version of iPi Recorder is compatible with Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK. Thus if you have it installed then there is no need in “PrimeSensor Driver (psdrv3) Registration for MS Kinect Sensor”.

Click “Install” button to start the installation process. You’ll be asked about drivers installation:
Please read license agreement and accept it by checking the appropriate checkbox. Then press “Install” button. As soon as you get the Windows Security screen, please select “Install this driver software anyway”:
At this point the drivers will complete installation and should not give any other errors:
After that iPi Recorder itself will be installed:


After that, connect MS Kinect Sensor or Sony PS3 Eye cameras to your PC. Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 device initialization should be performed automatically and you’ll receive notification about it in the system tray area. Under Window XP you’ll be asked several times:

  • “Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?”
  • “What do you want the wizard to do?”

In all cases answer “No, not this time” and “Install the software automatically (Recommended)” respectively:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Run iPi Recorder and make sure that there is “MS Kinect Sensor” in “Camera Selector” dialog:
Select “MS Kinect Sensor (OpenNI)” and press “Ok” button. Make sure that you can see colored “depth video” from sensor, that actual frame rate is 30 fps, that frames drop is in range from 0 to 5 and that you can change motor position using appropriate slider:

Note that values of Tilt and Roll are updated with a time lag. During recording these values cannot be updated assuming that in this case sensor should be static.

iPi Studio

Note that if you have used iPi Studio before and have Internet connection on your computer then you only need to let iPi Studio to automatically update:

iPi Studio is a core software of iPi Desktop Motion Capture (iPi DMC) solution. It’s used to process pre-recorded video and export resulted animation into most popular formats. You can use 30 days free trial. To install iPi Studio please download and run setup program: Then, follow instructions of the installation wizard.

As a result of installation, iPi Studio will be executed. You will be prompted to enter your license key or start 30-days free trial period:
Welcome to ipistudio dlg.png

For more info about license protection see License.

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