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Using motion controller for head tracking

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For general information about recording and tracking with motion controllers, see Getting started with motion controllers. Below are the tips specific for using a motion controller for the head tracking.

First reasonable question is "How do I attach this thing to the head?" Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer. It's a field for experiment. You can find a couple of solutions in our forum:

The main thing is that attachment should be firm enough to prevent movements of a controller relative to the head.

The recommended position of the controller on the head is at top. If the controller is far from this position, then accuracy of matching the controller with the scene will suffer. You still need to aim at one camera for a moment, but it's not easy when you don't see the controller. You can employ one of the techniques for aiming:

  1. Just turn your head in a range of directions which definitely contains the aiming direction of the controller. Then in Studio you'll choose a frame where the controller is the most looking as aiming. For this technique, it's convenient to attach the controller with its top side (the one with the light sphere for PS Move) looking forward.
  2. Make the controller quickly attachable to the head. Then, in the beginning of the action you can put the controller in the hand, aim at camera, and then attach it to the head and continue with the main action. In Studio, to match the controller with the scene, you select the frame where it is aiming in the hand, select this hand as target bone, and do matching. After the controller is matched, you can retarget it to the head.

To apply the controller's motion data to the head, proceed the same way as with the hands. Manually adjust the head pose in one frame of the ROI, and hit Apply Motion Data.

Important. Do not forget to disable head tracking on the Tracking tab, because you don't need it when using controller's data. This will save you a bit of time.

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