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Installation problems

Potential problem: after installation, iPi Mocap Studio crashes on first start.

Possible cause: very often, this is caused by incompatible video card. Another possible reason is broken .NET Framework installation or broken DirectX installation.

Solution: check system requirements and make sure your operating system and .NET Framework is up to date.

  • You can use GPU-z and CPU-z to detect exact version and features of your video card.
GPUz example.gif
  • Some systems (for example some laptops and older Mac Minis) have both integrated graphics and discrete graphics. You may need to disable integrated graphics when working with iPi Mocap Studio. To do this, please use tools offered by your discrete video card manufacturer (e.g. Nvidia or AMD).

Two Kinects don't work together

Potential problem: two Kinect sensors do not work togethter.

Possible cause: Most probably, both Kinects were plugged into one USB controller. In this case 1 USB controller bandwidth is not enough to handle video from 2 Kinects.

Solution: Each Kinect should be plugged into separate USB controller. Please refer to documentation User_Guide_for_Dual_Kinect_Sensor_Configuration#Software_Installation

How to report bugs and issues

When reporting bugs and issues, please specify the following info:

  • exact version of your operating system;
  • exact model of your video card (you can use GPU-Z to find out the model of your video card);
  • the number and models of your cameras.

You can post your bug reports on our User Forum or send them to iPiSoft tech support email.

How to send a video to iPiSoft tech support

Sending your videos to iPiSoft tech support can be helpful if you experience a problem with iPiSoft's system. iPiSoft promises to use your video only for debugging and not to disclose it to third parties.

To send a video, please upload it to some file sharing server like and send us the link. The other way is using peer-to-peer technology.

If you cannot send a video because of its huge size, consider sending screenshots. Screenshots are less informative then video but still they are helpful for diagnosing various problems with tracking.

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